The Friends of St Katharine's Park (FoSKaP)

News and Events

The Annual General Meeting was held in June 2016 at the Partnership Offices on Captain’s Road. The attendance was modest. 

We intend to meet for a 'walkabout' in early February 2015. We have registered the Park for assessment in 2015  by the Keep Scotland Beautiful ['It's Your Neighbourhood'] team. We aim to improve on our inaugural assessment We were awarded very creditable 'thriving' status in October 2015. We aim to do even better next year!

We carried out the Annual Keep Scotland Beautiful Spring Clean-up on Friday the  27th April 2015  Because volunteers, including Amy, had already been out in February our team had a relatively easy task.One item  required rather  more than a bin bag to dispose of - a burnt out motorbike!  Overall the Park looking very bright frand welcoming.  Before long we will have our multi-gym installed  at the north-west end of the Park.

We've since done an end-of-year  clean-up of the Park (28/11/15)  There was a substantial amount of detritus dumped   in the burn, including a cabinet and a TV aerial!  There appears to be an  increasing  use of the Park as a an 'al fresco'  drinking den  judging by the number of cans collected..  Anyone consuming alcohol or any addictive substances to excess  should be reminded  that the Park is often used by children and vulnerable adults.  There is no bye-law that actually prohibits alcohol consumption and/or using drugs  and, frankly, such legislation  would be unenforceable anyway. However,  we do believe that  consideration for other users should be part and parcel of any 'good neighbour' policy and we would want to circulate educative information to that effect.

We are hurriedly putting in a claim for funding from Tesco's 'bag fund'   Watch this space!