The Friends of St Katharine's Park (FoSKaP)

How does your garden grow?

We are influenced and guided by the aims and objectives of Scottish Natural Heritage. We want to see:

 'a well-managed green space in and around (our neighbourhood) so that people can enjoy and take pride in a clean, safe, healthy and attractive environment'.

To achieve this aim we attempt to encourage a partnership approach with other groups and local residents to increase the availability and add to the amenity of all green space in the given locality We seek to encourage a variety of responsible use of green space for a variety of activities and for all age groups.

'Green spaces provide opportunities for outdoor play and recreation. They make places more pleasant to live in, provide a space for wildlife, and promote health and wellbeing. Involvement in green space projects supports community learning and development, helping people to understand and improve their local environment In Scotland 80% of people live in towns and cities. The open and green spaces close where they live are a high priority for investment and improvement  Good quality, accessible green space also improves poor landscapes, and can help revitalise communities and encourage inward investment' (SNH Information Sheet)

There are numerous ways in which anyone and everyone can contribute to the development, maintenance and enhancement of their local green spaces. We know that local people have great goodwill towards their local green spaces, and we really need your voice and action to give practical expression to the protection to one of Scotland's most valuable natural resource!